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      Wholesale pricing

      Please email us at with the following information:
      - Quantity
      - Product
      - Style & Sizes
      - Location

      Looking for gray camo/pure black/linerless shorts
      Gray camo and pure black shorts (w/ black liner) are available here:

      Linerless shorts are available here:

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      Where is this shipped from
      Most of our products are designed in the USA. All our products are carefully manufactured overseas and will ship straight from our factories depending on availability.

      Sizing Guide
      If you are unsure about your size, please see our sizing guide page here.

      Return policy
      We have an easy and hassle-free return/refund policy, please see the full details here.

      Custom designs
      Unfortunately, we are not offering customized design solutions. But feel free to email us your suggestions at If we receive enough suggestions for a design, we will have our product development team launch them.

      Wrong size received
      We sell internationally so most of our tags are for international size. We have converted our sizes to US standard sizing on our website to ensure you select the correct size on the order. We are working on getting the tags setup for US buyers in the future.

      Please refer to the order confirmation email where we state if you will be receiving an international sizing tag and might be 2x larger than what you ordered on the tag. But don’t worry, this is the correct size and please try it on as our sizing calculator is 95% accurate.

      How to track orders
      Please check your email from and note your tracking number, you may use that on our ‘Track Your Oder’ page. If you can’t find your tracking, please send us an email.

      Mode of payment
      We accept payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Debit Card, Shop Pay, and Visa. For PayPal - a PayPal debit card would take the funds needed for the transaction out of your PayPal account and would work as a normal debit/credit card payment.